Tools are essential for any kind of digital marketing. There are a variety of tools created to help you with content creation, its distribution and analytics, social media tools and even tools to spy on your competitors.


Today in our article we’ll try to tell you about the most useful tools you may not know for the effective marketing, because without the right marketing and special tools to power it, your company will have a hard time. If you want to avoid that and to enforce your marketing positions, this article will be quite useful.

Let us begin with content tools. Using content tools provided below, you can spend more time creating the attracting content object to grow your business.

1. GatherContent. This app includes several tools for the content organization. You can see the overview of the entire project or rearrange the order of the content if something wrong.

This app helps you to collaborate and plan across the workflow. The interface is quite simple. You can add pages, upload files there, gather your content, and save the work.

2. Percolate is a real-time content marketing platform. Through Pecolate the company can publish different information and engage with the audience on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress etc.

This tool is useful for community managers of big brands who are usually overwhelmed with content finding and sharing it across different business units.

3. Look Book HQ. This tool is the perfect way to make your convent marketing more visual. You can connect the images to each other and also annotate them. It also increases the email CTRs and accelerates your sales cycles.

4. PaperShare is a real-time platform for the content distribution. This app transforms the content marketing process by content layout at the center of the acquisition process. You can publish all the content with one click at all possible marketing channels.

5. DivvyHQ works with tasks associated with planning without problems of clunky spreadsheet usage. This application was created specifically for professional content managers. You can add your content ideas, choose to add more details or add details later. This app is also perfect for planning.

Social media Tools are services that manage different social network accounts, measurement and content.

1. Shoutlet is a platform enabling to publish and engage social marketing activities and campaigns on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkdIn.

2. Objective Marketer is a web-based service that works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and This application makes easier your brand management. Most users think that the most interesting feature of Objective Marketer is the possibility of landing pages on-the-fly creation.

3. StrongMail social studio is a social-media marketing platform for professional marketers. This platform enables marketers to engage the social-media influences of their brand with the perfect detailed metrics in order to help them in strategy development. 

4. Spredfast is a social platform, helping the agencies and enterprise brands in social enterprise creation. It allows organizations to monitor, manage, and measure their social media programs. This program is used by a number of large enterprises such as Jason’s Deli, Caterpillar, Warner Brothers and Whole Foods Market.

5. Social Marketing is a social marketing tool which includes widgets and feed-enabled social gestures, segmentation tools and social dashboard, conversion tracking and influencer identification.

In the world of marketing there are also many spy tools. Such tools can help you to find out if competitors are doing something better than you.

You can also see the principles of their marketing strategy and improve your plans in order to be the best.



1. iSpionage is the application that can help you to understand on how your competitors are advertising with different search marketing tools like Google, Yahoo etc. This tool is also allowing you to compare your own data with the competitors’ one. 

2. SEMrush I a perfect service that will help your site to be easily found in search results. This application will train you to adapt to the changing online-world. The dashboard of this program is focused on advertising, AdSence, keyword research tools and organic researches. This platform also includes SEO tools.

3. Open Site Explorer is a free tool that provides the ability to see up to 10 000 links on any site. It also lets you research and compare different back links with your competitors for identity of pages or for the link building.

4. Google Alerts is a service that helps you in search engine result generation. It is based on criteria provided by you and then delivers the results to your account. It monitors blogs, books, video, discussions, and news.

5. The Wayback Machine allows you to search for no longer accessible web pages. So you can see the interface of your competitors’ WebPages in the past. It’s really important to know about the changes for your future development.

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Ever hear of the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? It's the age old saying that motivates you to alleviate your danger by spreading yourself out rather than depending on just one thing. When you just depend on one source, if something bad ought to occur you have absolutely nothing else to fall back on.

Here's an example, watch the video below.

Get in the Google age, where lots of web designers appear to have actually tossed this traditional logic aside in favor of a Google-tunnel-vision. It is real that Google is the most popular search engine in the world today reaching 380 million distinct users per month.

Numerous SEOs (search engine optimizers) will solely chat about getting a high ranking in Google, as if that is the one and only means to drive traffic on the internet.

Various other SEOs see the internet in a bigger sense and, rather, deal with Google as one piece of the puzzle (albeit a crucial piece). Several of the search engines figure out the significance of a site making use of comparable requirements, so enhancement for one engine needs to offer you a boost in all the others.

List Yourself in Web Directories

There are a lot of various web directories on the Internet. By taking simply a little bit of time you can introduce an internet directory project that gets you listed in all the directories your prospective visitors might make use of. Best of all, lots of web directories will let you submit your site for-free, so this is a cost-efficient way to create targeted traffic.

Discover Those Niche Sites

The internet was developed based on links. It's exactly how internet users move from one site to the other, following an unlimited flow of details. There are a lot of various techniques you can use, and as long as you end up getting a link to your site, you'll enhance the chance of drawing in visitors who are following that info course.

The net is a huge place and it's just growing. You ought to dedicate an excellent quantity of resources to the more crucial traffic motorists, like Google, however you need to not fall under a trap where that's the only thing you can depend on.

By diversifying your inbound traffic resources and listing yourself in web directories, you will be much better ready for exactly what the future could bring.

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Finding an online home business can be tedious, frustrating, and overwhelming for an internet marketing beginner. With the advanced technology and the existence of computers, you can start an online home business by:

(a) selling your own products/services, and

(b) through affiliate programs by providing information of a certain product and services to the people searching for them and earning commission from the sales.

Because online business can be done at home, there are thousands of online home business opportunities popping on the internet. Since it is a home-based business, it doesn't need a major investment.

But even though it can be done at home, it is still hard for the internet maketing beginner because you don't know where and how to start. As I said earlier, there are thousands of online home business opportunities and programs, and that makes it harder for a newbie to determine which one is right and legitimate. SEE Below the Various Online Home Business Resources To Jump Start Your Business.

If you're searching for an online home business and you're also an absolute beginner, here are some tips on what to look for:

1. It provides free training - This is very important because you are a beginner and you need someone to guide you on how to run your online business profitably. This serves as your road map.

2. Website is pre-built FREE with streams of income. Oftentimes internet marketing beginners have no knowledge about creating a website. It can be expensive to hire someone to build one for you.

If your website is prebuilt in no time you are ready to promote your online home business. With a website it saves you time and effort in promoting your affiliated products because you don't need to promote them individually.

3. Built-in opt-in page - Where the visitors on your site can sign up for your newsletters. With this feature you have the ability to capture your visitors' names and email addresses. They are your future prospects if you have new products to promote.

4. Newsletter emails are preloaded in the autoresponder - These are follow up emails that will be delivered automatically to visitors who have signed up for the newsletter. With these emails sent to them they are prompted to visit your site. With this feature you'll never have a headache about what to write for following up your prospects.

5. Support - In case you are encountering a problem about your online business you can contact the support site - FREE for a lifetime membership. You are not left alone in doing your business with this available and valuable support.

6. Member's Forum - This is the place where you meet the other members. This is where you get help, ideas, and support from the fellow marketers. Having contact with them you never feel alone venturing your online home business.

Hope it won't take you long to find an online home business right for you. Below are a few suggestions that you can harness at your fingertips. I should remind you though that you must pick the one that suits you, and that you feel comfortable with.

Online Home Business Ideas

1.  Paid Surveys - Here you will be able to sign up and what will happen is you will receive survey invitations  from various research organisations. Paid surveys sites basically your go to guy for all the corporate companies that conduct research from time to time for consumer satifaction. My recommendations:


b.  Harris Polls

c. Zoom Panel

d. Opinion Place


f. Survey Savvy

2.  Real Writing Jobs - If you are passionate about writing then this is the perfect site for you. The hire writers globally on various genres. However, ensure to pick topics you are well vested in and provide quality content. If you are passionate and confident about the topic you will obviously do good at it. You can visit them here:

a. Real Writing Jobs

b. Writing Job Source

c. Absolute Write

d. Duotrope

e. Funds For Writers

f. Freelance Writing Organization

3.  Data Entry Jobs - There are tons and tons of companies looking for data entry specialists. The data typists usually vary, some examples of data specialists include, but are not limited to, Virtual assistants, Online data enty clerks, Global Research assistants, Web research assistants, Content Article typing, General audio transcribers, etc. See the recommended companies below:

a. Capitaltyping

b. Edataindia

c. My-Data-Team

d. Key For Cash

e. Online Data Entry

f. Data Entry Portal

g. Offshore Data Entry

h. Earn Part Time

4. Blogging sites - If you are into blogging or you like to speak your mind and have a bunch of followers that wil interact with you and you with them this is more than perfect for you. Running your own blog can be fun, you get to generate a reader base, engage with your audience, provide value and your audience will joist your online home business and any other recommendations you have for them.

There's various platforms that you can build your website from, some are free and some require membership. these are:

a.  Wordpress

b. Empower Network 

c.  Blogger

d. Tumblr 

e. Medium 

f. Svbtle

g. Quora 

h. Google+

i. Facebook Notes

j. Squarespace 


k. LinkedIn Influencers.

These are some of the online home business ideas you can readily underatake. Do you have any good quality sites you think should have been added on the lists above? Do comment and share them below.

May God bless us all in our endeavors.

Vincent Mbatha



It’s 2014, Facebook has actually been around for tor little over 10 years now and hase more than 1-billion members. Everyone from your grandpa to your senior high school date is on Facebook and daily there are millions of individuals socializing on this social network station.

Despite the fact that all the statistics regarding Facebook are pretty excellent, is it really worth all your efforts for advertising purposes? It certainly is, if you utilize it properly with a clear set out approach.

Numerous companies with Facebook business pages are only updating their pages with a common remark or concern, leave it alone for a few days, then ask yourself why on earth are they not getting any brand-new feedback and engagement from their network.

There’s no guaranteed rule of publication on exactly what you ought to do on Facebook to make certain your social media efforts are not fruitless, however here’s 5 suggestions that can help you make your Facebook Company Page more vibrant and to drive engagement from your network.

1. Timing your posts

The majority of individuals start their day going to work, check their e-mail and various other messages, and drink a cup of coffee before they start with their work schedule. While this could sound insane, utilize this to your benefit to help your company link with your network online.

Do a test and see when your posts get the most interaction. Test them three times daily. In the early morning, lunch time, and very early nights to start with. When you have actually checked and established when you need to upload your updates, you will have the ability to get in touch with your network on Facebook better.

2. Magnetic material

Simply as you will lose interest when someone at a conventional networking occasion starts blabbering about something that you find dull, your community on Facebook will not stick around if your updates are dull and over self promotional. When you are providing excellent material that benefits your network, they will feel more likely to link with your brand on Facebook.

3. Photos

Photos tell a tale. Use this benefit optimally and post pertinent, interesting, and captivating images along with your updates. You truly do not require a top of the notch fancy camera; just see to it that the photos that you publish will make an impression on your audience and that they are highly relevant.

An image of news worthy products has the ability to be shared online, whereas an uninteresting dull image of a rock will not, unless your business and brand has to do with handling rocks or anything similar. Funny photos with peculiar remarks likewise have the ability to drive engagement among your audience.

4. Upload a brand-new cover image

Your cover picture is a vital area for your company on Facebook. Each new update or comment that you make while acting as your brand on Facebook will display your cover image. It enables you to reflect your organization’s/company’s values and culture, while it can also displays what your business  stands for.

5. Feedback

Use your company page on Facebook to get this info from your customers instead of paying for focus teams. If you are getting prepared to launch a new product line or you have actually just recently made modifications to a product or service, ask your network how they feel about it. People desire to feel like the brand and business care about their opinion.

Put a personal spin on your Facebook page and focus on engaging with your network. This will help your brand name become more memorable and attractive to your customers.

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I know what you are thinking, is this a new math formula? No. This is the formula used by the search engine spiders to recognize your website.

The FC stands for Fresh Content, and the RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and obviously the SEO standing for Search Engine Optimization.

Thus, Fresh Content + Really Simple Syndication = Search Engine Optimization. Search engine spiders use this formula to visit your site on a regular basis, to see whether or not it is up to date, and to rank you higher in the directories.

Update Your Website Regularly

Making sure that your website stays up to date will work on your favor in getting the search engine spiders frequenting your site and giving your site preference over other websites. It isn’t too hard keeping your website fresh with content, a 300 – 500 article about your favorite topic should be very simple.

We all have different strategies on how we go about creating our content. Others prefer pounding through a given number of articles at a one go, e.g. writing 5-7 articles at one sitting.

Others prefer writing an article as they go or day-by-day. Whatever the case may be we all use different strategies, so whatever you are comfortable with keep at it. The important thing here is that you must keep your site running, with fresh content.

Two Ways To Use Article Directories

Any webmaster who creates their own content regularly is all too familiar with the phrase: “writer’s block”. However, it doesn’t have to be all dark and gloomy. Whenever I feel this cloud of doom approaching I always turn to article directories.

The first way you can use them is to search for ideas for your content. It more than frequently happens that you run out of ideas on what topics to write about, especially if you create fresh content everyday.

Browse through articles in the article directories and you should come across a myriad of subjects of interest that you can turn around and write about on your own website.

The second way you can use article directories is by literally copying and pasting content to your site. What you do is you search for articles of interest, related to your site of course, copy them and paste them to your site.

However, what you then need to do is credit the author by leaving the resource box and the link completely intact. Google will not penalize your site for duplicate content in this case; just as long as you credit the author.

Once again you can grab a handful of articles at a one go and update your site on a regular basis or you can do it day by day as you go along. But ensure you add content everyday. You will be surprised just how fast your new website will get indexed and you will surely be stricken with awe as you see your site rank going higher and higher.

However, do not over do this, your number one strategy should always be your own original content. Use this strategy if you are absolutely out of ideas or if you have seen an article that you really loved and think your readers will gain value from it.


RSS uses an XML format to syndicate content. Your content can easily get tremendous exposure in this way in that users that have RSS readers grab your piece of content and go through it at their most convenient time. This is the trick for maximum exposure that webmasters have known for years.

Additional Tip

If you want to keep the search engine spiders happy with fresh content you must consider adding a news aggregate to your website. What this does is it will put current news headlines and article snippets on your website.

There you have it. These little tweaks to your site have the potential to bring more visitors on your website, get you the necessary exposure and improve your site rank on the search engines.

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Skype: sycvinny

PS: Your Opinions Matter, Get Paid For Them! Learn the secrets of a single dad who got out of debt and made over $3000 per month taking Paid Surveys Online. CLICK HERE for more information.


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